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Avalanche offers unprecedented insight into the values, attitudes and emotions of your audiences. Our AI-enabled psychographic listening is groundbreaking, but the principle behind it is simple and intuitive:

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How we think about things shapes how we talk about them

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We analyze how people talk to understand how they think and feel

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Truly engaging people begins with deeply understanding people.

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How it works

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We prompt a representative sample of a target community to talk authentically about your issue. Then we analyze the language they use to reveal the values, emotions and associations through with they relate to your issue. This translates into a data-driven set of messaging recommendations, so you can resonate broadly across a constituency and deeply with strategic segments.

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We prompt people to talk about an issue



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Human-in-the-loop AI, allows us to quickly analyze the language and reveal how those people relate to the issue

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You receive actionable recommendations for message creators that reflect priorities, values, emotions

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Effectively mobilize your base and persuade your targets

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Who we work with

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We work with values-aligned companies, causes and campaigns. Whenever you have people you need to understand and mobilize, Avalanche Psychographic Listening empowers you to resonate, inspire and win.

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